Carmichael Outreach first began in 1988 when some women from the congregation of Carmichael United Church saw a need in their community.  

They started gathering used clothing and, once-a-week, running a free boutique out of the church which was located near Regina’s General Hospital. Food bank and an emergency food service soon became a part of that work, an after-school program for children following after. When Carmichael United Church closed its door in June of 1995, the money from the sale of the building was put into Carmichael Outreach and the operation moved to 1602 12th Avenue.

In 2001 Carmichael Outreach moved into its current location at 1925 Osler St. It was during this move that Carmichael Outreach dropped its official tie to the United Church of Canada. While the spirit of the work remains the same and Carmichael Outreach still has important ties to many congregations in Regina and the surrounding aread, Carmichael Outreach now operates as a Community Based Organization. As a CBO Carmichael Outreach is able to more effectively meet and adapt to the changing needs of our community.

Our faith-based roots and community-based approach make Carmichael Outreach a unique piece of Regina's support community. 

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Mission Statement

At Carmichael Outreach, hope is given a space to grow and those struggling with addictions, poverty, health issues and overwhelming life crisis are shown that people care and are willing to help.